Are You Planning on Purchasing or Selling Property?
Considering a Mortgage?

The recent changes to the Land Registration system in Nova Scotia present new challenges for buyers, sellers and mortgagors.

Let the experienced real estate lawyers at Hicks LeMoine Law assist you with the sale, purchase or mortgage of real property in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Our lawyers can provide advice or representation for all areas of real estate law including:

  • The sale of real property
  • The purchase of real property
  • Mortgages, including “private” lending
  • Short-term and long-term agreements of purchase and sale, with or without the involvement of real estate agents
  • Rights-of-way and other easements
  • Subdivisions and consolidations of land
  • Real estate tax issues, such as the application of capital gains tax and change of use tax
Dave W. McNairn, LL.B.
Joshua E. Cormier, LL.B.
Thomas L. MacLaren, LL.B.
James B. W. Goodwin, LL.B.
Helen M. Tucker, J.D.