For over 50 years, Hicks LeMoine Law has provided high quality, reliable service to our clients. Our lawyers have a commitment to excellence and continually receive professional development in all areas of practice.

Hicks LeMoine Law has access to the expertise of our 5 lawyers in a full range of practice areas, in our Amherst office.

Hicks LeMoine Law has always been engaged in the broad field of general practice in order to meet the needs of Cumberland County residents. The majority of our work has involved Commercial Transactions, Corporate Law, Civil Litigation, Real Estate Law, Probate Law and Family Practice. We also have expertise in the area of Labour Law, Municipal Law, Employment Law & Personal Injury.

Our firm has represented a large array of corporate clientele for many years, as well as a variety of public and private charitable organizations, governmental and private agencies, boards and commissions. Our representation of private companies, government agencies, boards, commissions and societies has given our firm the depth of experience which, we believe, is without equal in our area.

We often work on client files using a team approach. For the sake of continuity, key individuals are designated as contact persons for each individual client. It is the client who designates the person with whom he or she wishes to have contact within our firm. We then draw on all members of our firm to provide the expertise and special skills needed to meet each particular client’s needs. This approach ensures that, when the contact person is unavailable, there will always be someone within the firm who understands the needs of the client and can respond to those needs effectively and efficiently.

Hicks LeMoine Law