The lawyers at Hicks Lemoine Law have the Experience You Need to Put Forward the Best Defence Possible

The criminal justice system can be an intimidating and often overwhelming experience for those charged with criminal offences.

Having a defense lawyer by your side throughout the court process is the best way to ensure that your rights are protected and that you understand what is happening each step of the way.

*Legal Aid Certificates accepted in limited circumstances.

Contact us today for advice or representation on:

  • Criminal Code offences including:
  • Property offences (i.e. break & enter, theft)
  • Offences against the person (i.e. assault, homicide)
  • Impaired driving & breathalyzer offences
  • Controlled Drugs & Substances Act offences (i.e. possession, trafficking)
  • Youth Criminal Justice Act offences
  • Motor Vehicle Act offences
Helen M. Tucker, J.D.
James B. W. Goodwin, LL.B.
Thomas L. MacLaren, LL.B.
Joshua E. Cormier, LL.B.
Dave W. McNairn, LL.B.